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mir::geometry::Rectangle Struct Reference

#include <rectangle.h>

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Public Member Functions

Rectangle intersection_with (Rectangle const &r) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from mir::geometry::generic::Rectangle< Point, Size >
constexpr Rectangle ()=default
constexpr Rectangle (Point const &top_left, Size const &size)
Point bottom_right () const
 The bottom right boundary point of the rectangle. More...
Point top_right () const
Point bottom_left () const
bool contains (Point const &p) const
bool contains (Rectangle< Point, Size > const &r) const
 Test if the rectangle contains another. More...
bool overlaps (Rectangle< Point, Size > const &r) const
Corresponding< Point, XTagleft () const
Corresponding< Point, XTagright () const
Corresponding< Point, YTagtop () const
Corresponding< Point, YTagbottom () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from mir::geometry::generic::Rectangle< Point, Size >
Point top_left
Size size

Member Function Documentation

◆ intersection_with()

Rectangle mir::geometry::Rectangle::intersection_with ( Rectangle const &  r) const

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