miral::Output Member List

This is the complete list of members for miral::Output, including all inherited members.

attribute(std::string const &key) const -> std::optional< std::string >miral::Output
attributes_map() const -> std::map< std::string const, std::optional< std::string > >miral::Output
connected() const -> boolmiral::Output
extents() const -> Rectanglemiral::Output
form_factor() const -> MirFormFactormiral::Output
id() const -> intmiral::Output
is_same_output(Output const &other) const -> boolmiral::Output
logical_group_id() const -> intmiral::Output
name() const -> std::stringmiral::Output
operator=(Output const &)miral::Output
orientation() const -> MirOrientationmiral::Output
Output(const mir::graphics::DisplayConfigurationOutput &output)miral::Outputexplicit
Output(Output const &)miral::Output
physical_size_mm() const -> PhysicalSizeMMmiral::Output
pixel_format() const -> MirPixelFormatmiral::Output
power_mode() const -> MirPowerModemiral::Output
refresh_rate() const -> doublemiral::Output
scale() const -> floatmiral::Output
Type enum namemiral::Output
type() const -> Typemiral::Output
used() const -> boolmiral::Output
valid() const -> boolmiral::Output

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