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application.h File Reference
#include <mir_toolkit/common.h>
#include <memory>
#include <string>
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 Mir Abstraction Layer.


using miral::Application = std::shared_ptr< mir::scene::Session >


void miral::apply_lifecycle_state_to (Application const &application, MirLifecycleState state)
void miral::kill (Application const &application, int sig)
auto miral::name_of (Application const &application) -> std::string
auto miral::pid_of (Application const &application) -> pid_t
auto miral::socket_fd_of (Application const &application) -> int
 Returns the file descriptor of the client's socket connection, or -1 if there is no client socket. May be used for authentication with apparmor. X11 apps always return -1, since they do not connect directly to the Mir process. More...

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